If you think you’ve been fooled by “fake news,” you’re not alone.

Ninety per cent of Canadians feel they’ve fallen for it at some point, according to an Ipsos Public Affairs for Canada’s Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).

And it will, more than ever, play a role in this federal election.

Disinformation frequently spreads on Facebook so that’s why we’ve created a chat bot tool there through Messenger, to help you spot disinformation and decide what news sources you can trust throughout the campaign.

You can launch the chat bot here. You can also start the chat by typing “guide” to CBC News on Messenger.

If you opt in, the chat bot will guide you through five weeks of learning about deepfakes, altered photos and articles that may look like they’re from news sites — but aren’t. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Week one: Determining trustworthy sources.
  • Week two: Spotting suspicious articles.
  • Week three: Manipulated photos and videos.
  • Week four: Deepfakes.
  • Week five: How to avoid spreading disinformation.

The tool is part of a wider CBC News initiative to investigate so-called “fake news” and any attempts to disrupt the election. The goal is to give you tools to spot it and hopefully avoid sharing untrue information.

You can learn more in our misinformation and disinformation guides:

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